that we provide

- die making:

     -steel rule dies:

        jig saw dies

        computer to steel rule dies

     -foil stamping dies

     -embossing dies:

        bevel edge dies

        multilevel dies

        sculptural dies

        combination of foil and embossing dies

- die cutting

- laser cutting

- foil stamping

- embossing/debossing

- die scoring

- kiss cutting

-diecutting and cold embossing/debossing

 (1 pass)

- mounting

- gluing

   -cold, hot melt, and fugitive

- d-taping

- shrink wrapping

- drilling

- velcro closures

- eyeletting

- button and string closures

- kit assembling

- hand finishing






File Format

All files must be in PC format.

(no MAC or file compression)


Steel Rule Dies


File: EPS vector file

           - Illustrator EPS verison 8.0                or eariler as Vector File                  (centerline)

           - mark-outside front panel or

             printed side     

           - gripper edge

           - gripper size


File: PDF and other bitmap file

           - convert back to vector

             however some details might

             be lost


Emboss, Foil Dies


File: Illustrator EPS verison 7.0 or  

       earlier as close Vector file



For embossing type of file, angel and depth


Chisel                     Bevel



Dome                     Round



Sculpture- Please call


File: 256 bit grey scale bitmap

          - 300 dpi

          - 3-D embossing die

          - 0= surface of die

          - 255=deepest part of die





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